Ultimate Vitality & Well-being Programme

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Myself and Marion have utilised our 25 years of experience to create this 1;1, 3 month programme. We look forward to helping you find a new direction for your mind, body and soul.
As part of this programme you will be asked to hold accountability when answering your Ultimate Vitality & Well Being questionnaire. We ask for transparency and vulnerability in order for us to be effective accountability partners for you in return.
Once this programme has been purchased, you will receive your guidebook. This will be used alongside all 6 sessions to track not only your habits, but also your progression, as your future path gains clarity.
Vitality & Well-being Programme

Vitality & Wellbeing Programme


Myself and Marion have created a unique 1;1 service for anyone who is finding new ways to support their personal development, with over 25 years combined expertise we will guide, support and become your accountability partners…

You will receive six thought provoking, inspiring and mentally stimulating sessions combined with Nicola and Marion.

Vitality & Well-being Programme

This session is all about you, your story, your goals and aspirations for the future. also go through your completed Ultimate Vitality & Wellbeing Programme, also your completed Questionnaire.

Nicola will explain the process for each module & how to work through your guidebook, what’s to be expected and how you will benefit from these.

Start Module One – Mind 

This is a pre-recorded module, which you will also work alongside your ‘Ultimate Well-being Guidebook’ 

Let’s go through how you are feeling and check on your progress, help you with any questions you may have and to offer you all of the support that you need on your journey. 

Start Module Two – Body 

Start Module Three – Soul

These are pre-recorded sessions, which you will also work alongside your ‘Ultimate Well-being Guidebook’ 

Here you will have the opportunity to discuss your achievements and how you have benefitted from the programme, also to see if you would like to come onto another one programme.

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