Own your Story book

Own your Story Book

Nicola Paull has been in the Well-Being Industry for over 15 years and has helped many people change their lives through private sessions, spiritual workshops, newsletters and public speaking. Her goal is to show people how to  ‘own their own story’

Nicola’s recently published book is an interactive ‘How to Guidebook’ for anyone who might be searching for new ways to change their life.

How this book works

Are you are feeling lost and lacking motivation? Are you are looking for new ways to structure your daily routine?

In this fresh approach to self-empowerment, ‘Own Your Story’ will teach you how to identify your past habits by intensifying your internal vibrations, unravelling any restrictions that have been preventing you from moving forward, revealing new energy.

This book has been crafted into seven phases, hand-picked by Nicola who would like to inspire you to:

  • Isolate one of your problem areas such as finance, relationships, health and self-love
  • Give mindful focus to your chosen area through tried-and-tested techniques
  • Set an achievable time line for your intentions to be fulfilled
  • Gain clarity and insight through journaling and reflection
  • Break down unmanageable emotions and trauma

After completing this guidebook, you will become less overwhelmed, through a new sense of enlightenment, the tools learnt from this book will clearly guide you on how to ‘Own Your Story’.

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Podcast Interview – Own your Story by Nicola Paull

Get to the know the Author on a more deeper level, the reasons behind her ‘WHY’ when writing Own your Story. Hear about her personal journey leading up to the moment when she discovered her real reason for becoming a Spiritual Teacher and Author.