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Hi, I’m Nicola!

Welcome, this is the first step to a new you. I am an Author in the Well-Being Industry, a qualified holistic healer and wellbeing mentor  based in Hampshire, UK. I feel so blessed that you have found my website – your journey starts here.

By focusing on my unique self and learning from my darkest days, I have found belief.

My journey of self-discovery began with struggle. I faced sexual abuse and bullying as a teenager. I was a divorced single mum to two beautiful children in my thirties whilst also struggling from deep-rooted mental health issues. It wasn’t until I reached my forties that I began to focus on myself and looked to rebuild my life. Now, in my fifties, the universe has shown me that I am destined for something bigger.

With my holistic and spiritual services, I will show you how to focus on the here and now and restore your journey with intention.

I specialise in:

  • Past trauma – Addiction and Abuse.
  • Low moods triggering low self-esteem, self-confidence and self-worth.

Through the processes offered in the personal development tab – regardless of which service calls to you – I will help you to find clarity and purpose moving forward.

Nicola has been guiding me for a year and a half, helping me to focus on my emotional management. Since working with Nicola, I have come so far, and she continues to help me evolve and grow! Thank you!

Zsofia Julianna Maros, Bitterne, Southampton

After suffering an episode of health anxiety earlier this year, Nicola’s guided meditation improved my personal development by teaching me how to be more mindful of my surroundings and escape racing thoughts. I highly recommend Nicola’s services to anyone whose head is their own worst enemy.

Dan Vibert, Portswood, Hampshire

Being a student at university has its ups and downs, and as someone who is always ‘too busy’ to find time for themselves, Nicola’s tailor-made guided visualisation audio has helped me to focus on my breathing. Thank you, Nicola, for reminding me how important self-care is.

Carla Nicole Hall, Winchester

I started online guided meditation with Nicola in September 2019, having never done this before. It has been a fantastic experience! Nicola created a very calm atmosphere, and I look forward to my sessions with her. Thoroughly recommend.

Zena Clarke, Holbury, Hampshire

I have been studying an online course at Nicola Paull Academy, which is my first time learning online. Nicola has supported me with any queries and extra resource information to help me complete the course with confidence. I have also qualified as a Rahanni Practitioner with Nicola – I highly recommend studying The Academy’s online courses.

John Ball, Hythe, Hampshire

I have been seeing Nicola for a while now; each time, I have felt not only re-energised but very calm and peaceful spiritually. Nicola is a wonderful healer. I feel completely safe in her hands and truly blessed to have her in my life.

Gerri, Fawley, Hampshire

I did a Rahanni Celestial Healing course with Nicola Paull and it was amazing from start to finish. I met Nicola before starting the course and she was knowledgeable and happy to answer all questions I had in relation to the course. Nicola was so personable and relatable I felt at ease with her immediately. Nicola was quick in responding to emails and messages and still offers support after the course was completed too. The course itself took a day and again Nicola remained professional, helpful and encouraging through out. I cannot recommend working with her enough and appreciated her time and energy very much.

Kelly Hawksworth, Mid Wales

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Your infinite potential is bound only by your own limitations.

Unlock your true potential with my personal development mentoring, or rediscover yourself and your spiritual identity.

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The Nicola Paull Approach Podcast

The Nicola Paull Approach podcast features inspiring interviews with people who have overcome struggles with their mental health. You’ll find some recent episodes below.

Rahanni Celestial Healing - Heal your soul with a spiritual guide and teacher.

For those of us who feel lost on our journey, this mission we call life, with my guidance, mentoring and spiritual teaching, you can rewrite your story, make sense of it and live with intention, as you were intended to do.

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Are you seeking a mindfulness mentor?

Are you stuck in your mindset with past trauma, addiction and abuse.

Low moods triggering low self-esteem, self-confidence and self-worth.

Personal development was my key to peace; perhaps it could also be yours.

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