Rahanni Celestial Healing 

1-2-1 Online Live Sessions

Please call to discuss the potential for an ‘in-person’ session

Nicola has been working with this healing energy since November 2012 and has helped many clients release what they need to. Nicola is also a highly experienced Rahanni teacher having taught over 100 students to channel Rahanni themselves.

Rahanni Celestial Healing is a ‘new’ form of energy healing for the astrological Age of Aquarius. Its’ vibration is the pink ray of light that relates to the heart centre. Rahanni will help you to release any thinking you may have surrounding fear and negativity, whilst opening you up to truth, love and compassion. All sessions are online, you will leave the session with the ability to recognise and understand your true nature (and I can promise you it won’t be bad).

Become a Certified Rahanni Practitioner

Thinking of maybe becoming a certified Rahanni Practitioner? Anyone can learn Rahanni and become qualified, once you have taken the one day course which is online live with Nicola who is a Rahanni Teacher. If you are interested please contact Nicola for more information.

I have been studying an online course with Nicola Paull, which is my first time learning online. Nicola has supported me with any queries and extra resource information to help me complete the course with confidence. I have also qualified as a Rahanni Practitioner with Nicola – I highly recommend studying her online courses.

John Ball, Hythe, Hampshire

I have been seeing Nicola for a while now; each time, I have felt not only re-energised but very calm and peaceful spiritually. Nicola is a wonderful healer. I feel completely safe in her hands and truly blessed to have her in my life.

Gerri, Fawley, Hampshire

I started online Rahanni Healing sessions with Nicola in September 2019, having never done this before. It has been a fantastic experience! Nicola created a very calm atmosphere, and I look forward to my sessions with her. Thoroughly recommend.

Zena Clarke, Holbury, Hampshire

I did a Rahanni Celestial Healing course with Nicola Paull and it was amazing from start to finish.

I met Nicola before starting the course and she was knowledgeable and happy to answer all questions I had in relation to the course. Nicola was so personable and relatable I felt at ease with her immediately.

Nicola was quick in responding to emails and messages and still offers support after the course was completed too.

The course itself took a day and again Nicola remained professional, helpful and encouraging through out. I cannot recommend working with her enough and appreciated her time and energy very much.

Thank you Nicola.

Kelly Hawsworth, Mid Wales

1-2-1 Rahanni Healing Sessions with Nicola:

I am a spiritual guide and teacher. Within these sessions, I will bring over 15 years of expert guidance to you delivered on a 1-2-1 basis, online via Zoom or Google Meet, this works well as energy can travel where it is needed.

Each session will include a 45 minute recorded online live meeting using Google Meet or Zoom video conferencing with Nicola, and these sessions include ongoing communication and emails (weekdays only 10am – 3pm). A Calendly Booking Online link will be provided to book these sessions. We recommend for the best outcome to book 3 block sessions – £65 – 45 minutes, each session.

As your accountability partner, I will help you work on yourself, both during and after your sessions have finished with me. You will learn how to unlock parts of your conscious mind, involving soul energy work.

What’s included in these Sessions:

Discovering your emotional blocks; 3 sessions

Following an initial free Rahanni Discovery Call, the sessions will be structured on a fortnightly basis. A tailor-made questionnaire will be emailed to you and returned completed prior to your first session, this will give me a more in-depth understanding of any emotional blocks which might require extra attention.

Let’s start at the beginning, by noticing your emotional traumas or negative beliefs you have been holding onto you can begin to gain understanding and clarity as to your situation and your emotions.

In this session, we will focus on any hidden emotional blocks, which could be holding you back from moving forward. You will experience an energetic force of clarity and tranquility.

In session three, we will reflect on your three sessions to see how far you have come.

At this stage, you will have the opportunity to ask specific questions about Rahanni Celestial Healing that might need a little more attention. You will leave session three with a positive and uplifting mindset.

How do you pay:

Rahanni Celestial Healing will be delivered over three 1-2-1 sessions every fortnight online live via Zoom or Google Meet. The three sessions will cost £195, this can be paid in one full payment or made as three individual payments of £65 each. Please enquire using the button below about paying in instalments. Click the ‘book now’ button to be taken to our shop page where you can add these sessions to your basket and checkout.