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#029 Empowerment, Inspirational talk, Music Industry, Life’s challenges

Hello and welcome to this week’s episode, I’m your host Nicola, and in today’s episode, I am feeling very honoured to invite onto the show, my guest who has an inspiring story to share with us.

Born in South Wales, UK, Amy Sinha, the youngest of three sisters, was submerged in m​usic from an early age, this also marked the beginning of her love of music and performance. Inspired by such a musical upbringing.

Amy experienced some rare medical conditions in her early years, being declared as being one out of only 5 children like her in the U.K at the time. She had developed cataracts in both her eyes leaving her almost blind, and then diagnosed with a rare nerve condition which meant she was unable to feel hot, cold or superficial pain.

Let’s introduce Amy onto the show..

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