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#026 – Astrology, Impact of Pluto & Magick

Hello and welcome to this week’s episode, I’m your host Nicola, and in today’s episode, I am feeling very honoured to invite back onto my show Ell who for those of you who haven’t had chance yet to listen to, Ell was on my show Episode 22, where you get to know a more deep and meaningful version of who she is, in this episode we will be talking about Astrology especially where Pluto is a deeply involved learning process and how Ell incorporates Magick, intriguing!

Ell speaks about the impact of Pluto, and the deep transformational process associated with the planet. She touches on the de-conditioning of patriarchal traditions that we are all currently undergoing, and how this effects the individual. She also describes her use of magick in her healing journey, and gives some tips and tricks for daily uses of this modality.

So, without further or do let’s welcome Ell to the show.