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#025 – LoA, Vibrational Work, Positive Thoughts

Hello my lovely listeners and welcome back to this weeks Solo Episode with your host, this week I want to talk about ‘The Law of Attraction’ vibration energy, positive thoughts bringing positive action into the world.

If you take a moment to sit with your thoughts, you might realise how many negative thoughts cross your mind; how much your thoughts are racing, thinking about your never-ending to-do list, worrying about this person or that thing you have to do.

When we have these negatively framed thoughts, they weigh us down. They drag our energy and we feel heavier. These negative thoughts, then, have a heavy vibration.

So, if vibration is our state of being, it’s tangible when we’re feeling low. Depressive thoughts have a low vibration, which in turn make us feel heavy and lethargic, bringing our overall vibration down. However, if we’re happy, we feel lighter, energised and spirited.

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