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#024 New family, Beauty Industry, Life’s challenges

Hello my lovely listeners and welcome back to another Monday morning’s episode of pure goodness, this week’s episodes is a personal one for me, as the beautiful lady I’m going to introduce onto my show, has only recently enter my life, and I say recently a few months ago, this will be new to all of you as I haven’t spoken about it yet, but this year I wanted to find my dad who I have never met before, as some of you know I’m now fifty and up until then I always had moments where I tried to find him but for one reason or another it didn’t happen, until March this year when after taking an Ancestry DNA test online I found him! he’s well and healthy and I feel blessed to have been welcomed into my other half of my family, and fast forward to today, I would love for you to meet Julie my long lost cousin, who has an amazing story to share with us, so without further or do lets welcome to the show my beautiful cousin Julie.

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