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#023 – Complementary Therapies, Professional Awarding Body, Spirituality

Welcome, back my lovely listeners, in this week’s episodes I have the  pleasure of bringing onto the show an inspiring lady who is the creator of The International Guild of Complementary Therapists which is the world-renowned body promoting and setting the standard for Holistic and Course Providers.  The IGCT logo serves as reassurance for anyone looking for a skilled complementary therapist or an accredited course in the various disciplines within the holistic sphere.  All therapists and course are listed in the IGCT directory and approved personally by The Guild.

She has owned and run the British Academy of Reiki for nearly ten years, as well as being the owner of Ashby Holistic Centre in Leicestershire, Marion is also an International best-selling author of 11 Spirituality and Holistic Therapies.

This lovely lady is also my external verifier for my accredited courses which I provide to students on my online Academy.

Amongst many other skills and expertise, without further or do,

Let’s introduce Marion onto the show.

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