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#027 Solo Episode, Imposter Syndrome, Perfectionist, Super woman/man, Natural Genius, Soloist, Expert

How perfectionist can manifest by their thoughts.

  • Your own self-presentation…how you speak, dress, your lifestyle choices, your body weight and shape. Throw in the heightened scrutiny of social media to this mix and it’s easy to see how perfectionism can take over in a bid to maintain a perfect image.

Manifesting Super woman/man thoughts?

Putting your thoughts to the test is a great way to see if others really expect that of you, or if it’s what you think others expect of you

Does this apply to you if you feel your in the super woman/man category?

Do you feel like you haven’t earned your title?

Does the Natural Genius resonate with you?

Natural genius judge their competence based on ease and speed rather than efforts, let me explain this, they take a long time to master something, they set their internal bar impossibly high, just like the perfectionists.

The Soloist feels so independent that can sometimes refuse assistance so that you can improve your worth,

If you’re not sure if this Imposter Syndrome resonates with you ask yourself.

Do you feel you have to accomplish things on your own? Do you look at requests in terms of a requirement if it were for example a project youre doing, rather than your needs as a person?

Here’s the Expert Imposter Syndrome who measures their competence based on ‘what’ and ‘how much’ they know or can do. They believe they will never be enough.

Does this resonate with you?

I believe there’s always something new to learn, as this is what keeps our mind expanding into great awareness, however by continually seeking out more information, if you’re not aware of this can actually be a form of procrastination.

Try this, start learning when it’s required to, then move into action, right now take these opportunities to start accepting and embracing your capabilities.

I really hope this topic has given you insight on what Imposter Syndrome can look and feel like, as for me personally I have come to realise that I am a piece of every one of these at some time or another in my life, but the one that stands out for me is the perfectionist, I’m working on this, I would love to hear yours, just before you go share this episode with anyone you know and follow me over on Instagram to see more mindfulness and well-being topics which I love talking about, I have also put together a blog post on this topic if you’re interested in reading it, all of my contact details are in the show notes of this episode until next time my lovely listener’s

Love and Light