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Key Learning Points

This masterclass will begin over a zoom call, where Nicola will explain the purpose of chakras and the history of the practice.

By understanding the term ‘Chakra’ you will be able to identify where they are on your body and how the ‘Chakra’ system works. You will be guided around the ‘Meridian’ system in a journey of understanding the importance of centring yourself.

At the end of this masterclass you will become more aware of your chakras need to ‘stay open’, so that they are able to function at their best.

You will gain in-depth knowledge on balancing your chakra to ensure that physical and emotional blockages do not occur. All forms of ‘blockage’ are linked to a particular chakra, these will be addressed using key points to help maintain the essential knowledge needed for consistent growth.

Why should I take this masterclass?

If you are seeking a way to shift any recurring emotional or physical blockages.

Introduction to your masterclass

Once purchased a member of staff will contact you to discuss the process of how this class works.