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Key Learning Points

This masterclass will begin with Nicola explaining how guided meditation works, by sharing how the practice can work for you.

Nicola will demonstrate how to use certain techniques, such as breath work and visualisation. 

Guided meditation is a state of relaxed concentration invoked and led by another party. Guided meditation can be as short as a few minutes or as long as several hours. Regardless of the length, the purpose is to achieve mental, emotional and physical healing and stress relief.

Guided meditation can sometimes be called guided imagery or visualisation. With this variation of meditation you will form mental images of places or situations you find relaxing and you will be shown how to recall your ‘safe place’ in moments of difficulty. 

This approach will  require you to try and use as many senses as possible, such as smells, sights, sounds and textures.

Why should I take this masterclass?

Within your 1:1 session I will show you how to live in the present moment, to feel peace, inwardly heal aspects of yourself and feel a sense of clarity.

Introduction to your masterclass

Once purchased a member of staff will contact you to discuss the process of how this class works.