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#019 Solo Episode – Self-Love

In this episode I am going to guide you through higher your vibrations and embrace yourself in Self-Love.

For me personally, I use this one most days, just to keep my mind, body & soul aligned, and the great thing about this episode is you can repeat the process as and when you wish to.

Find a quiet space, somewhere where you won’t get distracted, a safe space, sit comfortably either on a chair, the floor, anyway you wish, as long as your posture is upright and your spine is straight, relax your shoulders, close your eyes, rest your hands on your lap, if it feels comfortable face your palms upwards for receiving.

Now let’s take three deep breath with an open mouth exhale, fills your lungs with fresh air, fill your chest expand, then exhale through your open mouth. Repeat two more times, continue these in your own time.

Take a moment now, to be in this present moment and feel grateful for what you have in your life right now. What is this? Think of all things you might be taking for granted. How does this make you feel?

Remember there is no right or wrong way to feel gratitude, just being able to accept gratitude of powerful in its self.

Being grateful for even the simplest of things in life, such as having food on the table, clothes on your body, clean water to drink, all serves as giving yourself Self-Love within your Mindy, Body & Soul.

Now, what does Self-Love mean to you? To me, Self-Love means excepting yourself in every shape and form, forgiving myself and knowing it’s ok when I make mistake, this one can be hard for me sometimes, do you forgive yourself if you make a mistake? ……. Take a moment to think about this…

Valuing your worth, standing tall and not feeling inferior to others, also knowing you are a work of art and also a work in progress at the same time.

Know to accept unconditional love to yourself, you are already loveable, you don’t have to prove to anyone else that you are worthy of love.

Now let’s follow some Affirmations, I have personally created which have worked for me, and I really do hope you feel the same way, if you are new to Affirmations, just a suggestion on how the best way is to get the best results.

Repeat them in your daily life, this could be first thing in the morning, throughout your day, keep them somewhere to hand, where you are listening to this episode or right them down on paper and place them somewhere visual, when you are saying the words, breath, feel the words resonate in your soul, trust the words you are saying to yourself.

Let’s begin

I am enough for me right in this moment

I am willing to learn more about myself

I am sensitive and also feel so much love for myself

I am open to accept love in my self

I encourage my inner self to believe in love

Now visualise those words following through your entire body, breath in through your nose and slowly release from your mouth any negativity which is holding you back from receiving love within yourself. Nourish yourself with unconditional love and light.

Breath in complete love and visualise your breath going in to reach your heart and feel the warmth it radiates within your soul, breath out anything that serves you no purpose.

Breath in love and breath out uneasy feelings. Nourish you energy field with love and light.

Now, let’s start to notice how your body is feeling? You have now given yourself acceptance that you are enough, try this practice every day, it doesn’t take that long, so be kind to yourself in truth, love and compassion for yourself. You are already worthy, just by existing.

Love and Light

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