Welcome to my very first Journaling Post, I thought I would start with five takeaway tips on how I have introduced Self-Love into my life over the years and if this is something that might interest you, then I really hope you get from this so much enjoyment, as I have.

So, you might ask what does Self-Love really mean? Well, let me say, that everyone of us feel these emotions in different ways, however for me Self-Love has many feelings and emotions attached to it, here are some of my takeaway tips on how I have introduced certain techniques and rituals into my everyday life.

If this post resonates with you in some way, I’d love to know so I can focus on making similar content relating to this.

Self-Love Number One Takeaway Tip: Setting Intentions & Mindset

Every morning I make a consciousness effort to start my day with setting an intention, by focusing on the present moment and being grateful for the smallest things in life, like a roof over my head, clean water to drink, a comfy bed to sleep in, food on the table, by reminding myself of these comforts in my life, I will never take life for granted, it keeps me grounded and in a safe space within my mindset.

Self-Love Number Two Takeaway Tip: Self-Care

When I shower every morning, I visualise the water washing away all of the negative energy I might have absorbed the day before. Something else I have been doing for a long time is also wearing vibrant colours that make me feel bright and cheery, even when I have my darkest days. Lastly, I draw my daily affirmation card, which gives me some clarity in a question I might have asked.

Self-Love Number Three Takeaway Tip: Self-Development

By improving continuously on my own self, I spend 30 minutes each morning to either listen to my favourite Podcast, read a mindfulness book, Meditation or Yoga, depending on how I am feeling in that moment. I have learnt overtime that introducing these practices/rituals in my everyday life that my awareness as become greater within my subconscious mind, by learning new information either through listening or reading within the mindfulness world, I have gained greater clarity and structure in my life, which makes me feel so much better, when challenges and my darkest days try to enter into my Mind, Body & Soul.

Self-Love Number Four Takeaway Tip: Laughter & Music

Without fail every day, when I have moments of feeling burnout, which I just want to add to this, it took me nearly a life time to recognise this feeling of emotion, where I would just keep going with nearly everything in my life at warp speed, however has I have become older and started to listen to my Mind, Body & Soul voice instead ( I like to call it my Spirit Guide, more on that subject in a later post, coming soon) when I feel it time to step away from what’s making me feel exhausted/burned out, I put my favourite happy dancing music and giggle and laugh, jump up and down, laugh out loud, yes this might look or sound pretty random to some people, but try it! It really does change your mood/vibrations.

Self-Love Number Five Takeaway Tip: Nature & Nurture your Mind

Walking in nature, I cannot rave about this enough! Wherever you live if there is a chance you can find somewhere near you that has trees, the sound of birds, open fields, the peacefulness it brings to your soul, then I would highly recommend this, also a great way of excising at your pace, the feeling of nature around me allows my mind to become free of any thoughts that might be distracting me from becoming more relaxed within my body & soul, this space allows me time to recharge and gather my thoughts on a higher frequency of awareness.

So, there they are, some of my favourite practices and rituals which I would highly recommend, as I always say to myself and you, be kind to yourself through any activity you involve yourself in, if at first it feels hard and or not quite right, then step back take a moment of adjusting your mindset and step back in with a different perspective, that’s when the magic happens!

If you really enjoyed this post and would like to have some further insight on how to learn more about this then head on over to my Podcast Show www.thenicolapaullapproach.com

where I have a Sole Episode19 and talk about Self-Love through Guided Meditation

Love & Light