Since we were little we’ve been told to believe in ourselves. Whether a Disney princess taught us how, or if it was our favourite teacher giving us a pep talk, we’ve been taught to believe and it will come true. But as we’ve got older and as life’s got in the way, it’s gotten harder and harder to hold onto this simple truth. But it really is that simple: believe, and it will come true. I will be exploring how our thoughts can guide us to believe positivley. 

That’s what the Law of Attraction is centred around – positive thoughts bringing positive action into the world.

All the time, we’re thinking about the same things: money, relationships, jobs, striving for happiness. But the trouble comes when these thoughts get clouded by negativity. Too often, we slip into thoughts like, “Why can’t I afford this?” or “Why do I keep getting rejections from my job applications?”.

All the time that we’re letting our thoughts be shrouded by negativity, we’re essentially letting someone else run our lives. We think, “I have to wake up early to start working on this”, or “Ugh, I’m so tired because I have to work through such a busy schedule”. We’re trapped by the notion that we’re being forced to do something. But what if we changed this? What if instead of “have to”, we reframed it as “I get to do this”. If we focus instead on our privilege, “I get to wake up and have a good day”, we can twist our scenario so we are in control.

Now, if we dive a little bit deeper into thinking about our thoughts, we realise our minds are always working, and it’s really hard to clear our heads completely. If you take a moment to sit with your thoughts, you might realise how many negative thoughts cross your mind; how much your thoughts are racing, thinking about your never-ending to-do list, worrying about this person or that thing you have to do. When we have these negatively framed thoughts, they weigh us down. They drag our energy and we feel heavier. These negative thoughts, then, have a heavy vibration.

What on earth is vibration, you may be asking? Well, everything vibrates: all of our atoms are constantly moving. On a molecular level, everything is moving to a certain frequency. Look at bats, for example. They use vibrations to navigate the world: they send out high-pitch frequencies which reflect differently depending on what objects are around them.

So, if vibration is our state of being, it’s tangible when we’re feeling low. Depressive thoughts have a low vibration, which in turn make us feel heavy and lethargic, bringing our overall vibration down. However, if we’re happy, we feel lighter, energised and spirited.

We all know already that like attracts like. So, if you’re existing on a higher vibration, with positive thoughts, then you will attract things existing on a similarly high vibration.

It all comes back to our thoughts – be aware of them! Our thoughts influence our emotions, and our emotions influence our state of being (if we’re happy or sad, light or heavy). In turn, our state of being influences our vibration, and our vibration influences what we attract.

Here’s something you can try first when you wake up tomorrow. Instead of letting your mind dart all around, thinking about the day ahead or what happened yesterday, focus on the now. Take a deep breath and think one positive thought. Remember, it’s not “I have to”, but “I get to”. “I get to take this deep, cleansing breath this morning.”

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