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#013 Nicola & Isabel – Our own Practices in Journaling

In this week’s episode we will walk you through how certain practices have helped us, and the benefits we have gained.

You will learn and understand how to practice a range of well-being techniques to boost your Mind, Body & Soul and also some helpful and inspiring takeaway tip bits.

We would encourage you to tag in this episode from your favourite podcast directory and let us know your favourite well-being practices you use which benefit you, or if you feel stuck we would love to hear from you.

Nicola’s Practices are: 

Meditation (Gives me a sense of calmness and clarity for the day ahead)

Daily walks around nature (helps me connect to the earth)

Drinking plenty of water so I don’t dehydrate – (watch what I’m eating, also portion control)

Isabel’s Practices are:

Cold showers (Waking up your sensory nerves)

Eating Healthy (Mindful of what you eat)

Evening wind down (Aware of relaxing your mind ready for rest)

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