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#014 Nicola & Isabel – The Power of Journaling

Welcome, we are back for our 3rd Co-host episode in our collaboration  journaling. This week we talk about The Power of Journaling.

We will walk you through our own journey with journaling, the benefits and methods we use.

By choosing and trusting certain techniques along your own discoveries, you will not only see how powerful journaling can be, but also notice a huge impact it can have on your day to day life.

We really hope you have been inspired with this week’s episode, this will be the last one of Season Two, however we will be back to continue our chats relating to our soon to be published Journaling Book.

In Season Three, release date for these episodes, will be starting on Monday 5th April at 8am… just so you don’t miss an episode make sure to subscribe to this podcast.

This is where we will discuss

Habits v Goals
Routine V Ritual
Structure v Going with the flow
Mindfulness Consumption.

And, also there will be some solo episodes where I will be introducing some new additions of visualisation meditations which if you are feeling a little stuck in your mindset, these will help you gain more focus and clarity.

So, until next time, be kind to yourself, love & light.

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