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#015 Solo Episode – Activating Your Imagination

Welcome, my name is Nicola and this guided meditation is bought to you for free, if you enjoy this episode and would like to support my show, details are at the bottom of this episode.

I am a Spiritual Guide & Teacher who will guide through Mind, Body & Soul vibrational changes.

I’ve been wanting to create inspiring Solo Episodes for all you lovely listeners who are feeling a little stuck in moving forward with your mindset, I want to guide you through this process, as so many of you are probably reflecting on time gone by in 2020 and wanting to set goals for yourself moving forward into 2021. I personally find that doing a Guided Meditation like this is super powerful. If you have been struggling on where to set goals or just not sure where to start, doing this Guided Meditation will really help you to connect with your higher self and create goals that will resonate with you on a deeper level of emotions. The good thing about this episode is you can repeat the process on a regular basis, I would recommend practicing when you’re at your most relaxed in your mind,  morning or evening which ever one suits you, mine is first thing in the morning, before I even start my day, as I feel it then recharges my energy moving forward for the day ahead. I would suggest having a note book and pen to hand, so you can write down thoughts and feeling after each time you practice this, towards the end of this episode I will be giving you some takeaway tips to try out and work on moving forward on your personal journey.

So let’s find a quiet, comfortable space, somewhere you will have no distractions, a place where you feel safe and relaxed, whether you want to sit on a chair with your feet flat on the ground, spine straight, shoulders relaxed, or lying on your bed with the same posture, whichever way you feel comfortable, slowly close your eyes, allow your thoughts to enter into your mind, for just a minute or so, and as we go through the breath work, you will slowly start to visualise in your mind’s eye, your thoughts drifting away into the distance until they disappear and you can no longer feel those thoughts.

So, with that being said let’s try this process and go with whatever it is your feeling right now.

Take a breath in through your nose, feeling the air entering down through the back of your throat….. and then release your breath gently out of your mouth…… let’s repeat this process two more times, and in your own time.

Write down how this session made you feel? Name one thing that you will take action on? How will you achieve this new intention?

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